I am proud, not only as The Secretary of Economic Development of Yucatan, Mexico but also as a Yucateco, to present you an invitation to explore the advantages for strategic investment in our great state.  Yucatan’s tremendous growth opportunities and potential for human capital development are just two of the incentives for investing capital in the heart of Southeastern Mexico’s financial, industrial and commercial center.  

 Our local and state governments understand the nature of the entrepreneurial spirit and ensure a high quality of life and security aimed at maintaining our status as the safest city in all of Mexico. You will find that life in our state’s capital, Mérida, is comparable to that of any major North American city, with all of the same amenities, but with a level of security and tranquility that one can only find in this beautiful part of our country.

The people of Yucatan are hard working and mindful of the values that make industry great.  We consider our human capital one of our greatest resources.  Throughout our industrious past the people of Yucatan have shown their solidarity and shared the common goal of making our state the best place in Mexico to work and raise a family.

Please take time to review the material we have prepared for you.  We know that once you have weighed the benefits of commercial life in Yucatan, Mexico, you will decide that it is the place with the most potential to expand, develop or start your business in all of Mexico.

We hope to see you soon!


Lic. Ernesto Herrera Novelo
Secretary of Economic Development
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico

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